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Light Apothecary unfolded while studying to become a Certified Crystal Healer.  A portion of the course touched on gem essences and how water can assume the properties of crystals.  The idea of working with crystal energy in such a versatile way sparked creativity and birthed our Energy Sprays.

Realizing there was a need to provide further products and education on vibrational wellness, we began popping up at various holistic markets within Nova Scotia.  We've been offering workshops and events in the local Truro area ever since.  

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Shannon Anderson, CCH

founder, facilitator

Growing up along shore of the Bay of Fundy meant rocks were big part of her childhood. However it wasn't until much later in life, after picking up a chunk of Amethyst that sent an electricity through her, that she remembered rocks are magical and hold healing powers.

Light Apothecary blesses her with the opportunity to connect with these unseen forces and share them with others.  Whether or not you're open to feeling or sensing energy, it's effects can still offer a positive and profound impact on all levels.

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