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Providing holistic wellness modalities for energetic & vibrational wellbeing

* all sessions are by appointment only *

Balanced energy is essential to overall wellbeing.  

When energy is not optimally balanced, there exists the potential to manifest a variety of health related dis-ease.  By clearing unwanted and negatively impacting energies from the energetic body,  the opportunity for positive & transformational changes can take place.

Reiki is an excellent way to balance personal energy.

By allowing universal energy to pass through a practitioner like a vessel, Reiki guides itself to where it's needed most within a client's energy field.  Allowing Reiki into your life can have profound impacts at all levels.

Crystals and essential oils can also positively impact overall vibrational wellbeing.  By entraining your energetic field to match their individual vibrational signatures, both crystals and oils can help shift stagnant and unwanted energy to bring about energetic harmony.

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