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Why Is Good Energy Important?

We all know proper nutrition and exercise are keys to good health, but do you pay the same attention to your personal energetic wellness? Are you aware of the vibrational energy that surrounds you and do you take steps to keep it functioning at it's greatest potential? Maintaining a clear and positive space can have profound effects on your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

'If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.'

~ Nicola Tesla

Everything is made of energy, therefore it exists all around us in our day to day lives - both positive and negative. Those sensitive to energy know how what it's like to walk into a room after an argument and 'feel' the tension left behind. This negative energy (which was created by the tense words, thoughts or actions) can still hang in the air even after the argument is over and the effects can manifest themselves long after we've even forgotten the argument ever happened.

This negative energy can cling to your own energy field (aura) and can manifest itself in many unwanted ways. Even if you weren't a participant in the argument and simply walk into the room afterwards, that energy can attach itself to you without even realizing it. You could become angry for no apparent reason or you may become tired and lethargic as the negative energy 'feeds' on your good vibes, bringing you out of balance and weighing you down. Knowing this is a possibility is the first step to taking control of your own energetic wellbeing.

Maintaining a clear and positive environment is also key to keeping unwanted energies from effecting you. Regularly smudging or clearing yourself and your space is the easiest and most effective way of keeping any negative energies you may pick up at bay. We suggest keeping one of our energy sprays handy to spritz either yourself or the room to quickly dispel and dissolve any unwanted energies and replace them with the energetic and vibrational imprints of the gem essences and essential oils.

Once you've cleared yourself and/or your space, filling the void you've created with positive vibes will take your energetic wellness to the next level. Essentially you're syncing the energetic vibrations that surround you with what you wish to bring into your life - remember, positive attracts positive. This can easily be done by keeping a crystal in your pocket or purse, next to your bed or under your pillow or diffusing essential oils in the space. (or use an energy spray with them already inside!) The vibrational properties of the crystal or oil will be what is now attached to your space/aura and what will manifest in your life.

Recognizing, clearing and maintaining your personal energy space has the ability to profoundly effect all aspects of your body/mind/spirit wellness however the bottom line is that good energy is the key.

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