Looking for a healthy boost to your body, mind or soul?

Our Heal bundle just might be the answer!


Here's why we chose these crystals:


Fuchsite - referred to as the stone of health, can accelerate the recovery from emotional and physical issues, healer's stone


Lepidolite - offers peace, calming and balance, provides general healing, promotes acceptance and trust in one's self


Labradorite - assists the immune system with fighting off disease and infection, shields against negative energies and pollutants

Crystal Prescription - HEAL

  • If you are not 100% happy with your purchase, simply contact us to discuss how we can help. 

  • Each Crystal Prescription bundle contains:


    1 raw, natural fuchsite crystal*

    1 tumbled, natural lepidolite crystal*

    1 raw, natural pyrite crystal*

    Crystal Prescription card

    natural cotton drawstring bag


    * Each stone is unique and will vary slightly, therefore crystals may not be exactly as shown.  These photos are a typical example of the stone you will receive.